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Bottom in pain
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Hey, can you anyone recommend some vids where the bottom in genuinely in pain and the top just carries on like this one:

Ok I feel a bit gay after writing this, and yes it was a MADE UP story haha, hope it lives up to expectations. Sorry about the length, im a detailed person hahah

So one Friday arvo, I got home from uni stressed out about this big assignment I had due Monday. I walked into my kitchen and was grabbing something to eat when my phone started ringing. It was my mate Johnny, stressing out about the same assignment asking if I’d give him a hand with the computer part of our assignment, so I told him to come over and I’d help him out.

So he rocked up to my house, we chatted for a bit, and then got stuck into our work. So it was a few hours later and we had finally punched out the rest of our assignments and decided to have a celebratory beer and watch a movie. My parents were out, so we went down to the shops and grabbed a case of coronas and a pizza. And yeah, we came back and chucked on team America and got into it.

After about half a case of coronas, the movie was over so we decided to take the rest up to my room and play some Xbox. We headed up there, finished off a few more beers and by that time we were both pretty tipsy and kinda gave up on the game. We were just sitting there chatting about our ex gfs and sex and everything… Conversation got pretty dirty, and when he got up to go piss, being the mature kid I was I sack-whacked him, and I felt that his dick was actually hard. He is a good looking guy and all but I didn’t think of him that way till now, and drunk me thought I might muck around and have some fun.

So after that I put on some WWE and we were making fun of the guys when I decided to test the waters. I jumped at him all drunk and started wrestling. Being the bigger guy it wasn’t to hard to pin him. I could feel his throbbing cock against my leg and I’m pretty sure he could feel mine on his ass, so I gave him a bit of a playful thrust and said “I bet you like that you homo.” He got all fired up and fought his way out and we wrestled some more till he had me pinned some how… His hand on my bulge and he said the same thing back to me, being drunk as fuck, I laughed and said, yeah kinda…

At that stage we were both raging and drunk, and he was starting to look more keen than me… I decided fuck it, I was drunk and it was only gonna be a ‘one off shit happens thing,’ so I asked him if he wanted to see this funny porn parody I downloaded, he said hell yeah. So I got up, went over to my computer and chucked on some porn I just downloaded, passed him his beer and jumped on the bed next to him, sitting there taking swigs from my beer watching this corny acting and some chick getting dp’d.

I saw him rubbing his bulge at one stage so I stuck my hands down my pants and started stroking… He saw me and decided to follow. We did that for a while so I decided fuck it, took the last mouthful of my beer and flopped out my dick, ditched my shorts and bonds and sat down stroking my full hard shaft right there on my bed with my mate next to me. I looked at him and his eyes were bulging. “Just do it bro, who cares were mates, we’ve both seen a dick before,” I said, so he did. He jumped up, dropped his boxers and jumped back down beside me. We stroked for a while, then I could hear his precum lubing up his dick, so I opened my bedside table draw and grabbed some lube and lubed up my dick, and I was leaning over to put it back, out of nowhere I felt his hand grab my dick and start to stroke me. I was surprised, but it felt good, I looked at him and he just smirked at me, I called him a horndog, then grabbed my lube, squirted some in my hand, reached over and started jerking him off too.

We did that for a while and I could hear him letting out little grunts, then he let go of my dick, looked at me and asked “can I …?”, I said “go for it bro”, so he leaned down and took the knob of my dick in his mouth. This was new for both of us but he got good pretty fast, taking most of my thick dick deep in his throat. I started thrusting into his mouth, feeling his spit drip down around my cock and hearing him cough trying to take it. I told him to get on top, so he jumped up and straddled me in a 69. I was hesitant at first, but after jerking him for a bit I leaned up and took his dick in my mouth. It was weird at first but after a while I was enjoying it, at one stage my tongue brushed past his nuts, and he moaned with his mouth around my cock, and it felt amazing, so I took his balls in my mouth, got them wet and rolled them around with my tongue while his mouth was moaning around my cock making my own balls tingle. Soon I had my hands up on his ass pulling him down trusting his cock into my mouth deeper. 

I moved my hands up around his ass, playing with it, spreading his cheeks. I was loving it being a dedicated ass man, and his was good, and he seemed to be loving it. Still down there slurping up my cock and precum, tonguing my balls too. While I was sucking his balls and jerking his dick, my hands got wet with my spit. I needed to fuck some ass. His mouth wasn’t enough to get me off, so with my spit covered finger, I risked it and started rubbing around his tight hole. He was moaning so I guess he had no objections, so I started to push my finger into his hole.

He was so tight it took a bit of effort but I got it in there. He was moaning worst than when I took my gf’s virginity, especially when I slipped a second one in there. My finger deep in his ass, his cock in my mouth and mine in his, I couldn’t take it any more. I pushed him off, turned him on his back, close to me, with my cock teasing at his tight virgin hole while I hand my hand on his cock. We were both in a horny drunken daze. “I don’t know about this dude, I’m not into this…” He said, “it will be alright bro, we’re just two mates helping each other out, I’ll go gentle” I assured him. What a lie haha.

He was laying on his back, eyes closed, and teeth clenched, holding his own legs up as I was slowly trying to force my cock into his ass. It took a while but finally he opened up and my thick cock forced its way deep into his hole, it was so warm and tight, I’d never done anal before so it was new, and felt so good. Lucky no one was home because he let out a loud grunt and moan. I slowly put it in and out, until he relaxed a bit. That’s when I started to work up my speed, harder and harder. While my balls slapped against his ass I looked down and he was rock solid, he was enjoying it. I stroked his dick while I slammed his ass hard, he was leaking precum everywhere! I flipped him over to do him doggy. There were no complaints from his end, so he must have been enjoying it.

Hands on his hips I unleashed, fucking him raw and hard, pushing his head down into the pillow muffling his moans. His ass was so good and so tight I was getting close, when I felt his ass tighten on mine, and he released the loudest moan yet. I leant around and could see him pumping load after load, hands free onto my sheets, man he must have been loving it. With his ass tightening with every shot, it pushed me over, so with a last few hard thrusts, I unleashed the biggest load right there deep in his ass, thrusting it deep with every shot I unloaded.

With my last shot I pulled out of his ass and he collapsed onto the bed, and I collapsed next to him. “Well that was different” I said, “you’re telling me,” he puffed. We were both with out a doubt no longer stressed over uni. After a few minutes he jumped up and walked into the bathroom, as he walked out of my room I watched him, I could see my load dripping from his ass hole between his cheeks, down his leg. It was so hot. I cleaned up my bed and self with a dirty towel and pulled out a mattress for Johnny and chucked on some clothes. When he got back he chucked on his clothes and we laid there chatting and laughing for a bit. What a night.

what is ur fantisy
Views: 428 · Added: 886 days ago

mine is naked wrestiling

cut or uncut...the big discussion!
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Guys...I see quite a lot of blogs about uncut and cut, and lots of opinions. I have spoken to lots of cut guys who say that they would rather be uncut because its more sensitive. Well I was circumcised at 16, I just preferred cut dicks so I had it done...let me tell ALL of you cut guys that you are missing out on nothing! infact (for me) its so much better! you can do so much more with your dick when its cut, and its so much easier to clean! this may just be a personal thing, but still i believe being cut is so much better, it feels better in every way. Message me if you want to talk more about it or comment on here :)

"BillyB" (or as we call him "Billy3") remains in the hospital at this time, following what we now know is an attempt to end his own life.

We are here to find more of his online friends as we are at other places we know he visits. We don't know all of you, but hope you will join us this evening for a candlelight vigil for him. Please join the support page we have set up for him here at

From there, you can access the external blog where we are posting updates to family and friends near and far. You are welcome to join there and can create a Google account to do so with your current email address.

At 9:00 p.m. we invite you to light a candle and watch/listen/sing to one of his favorite videos, a concert he wanted to go to this year but cancelled due to the Olympics in London.

Thank you for keeping Billy in your thoughts and if a person of faith, your prayers also. We thank God he is still here. Now, we intend to bring him back, all the way and hopefully more.

Chris Savas, Billy's uncle

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c2c ? i'm 17 let me yours skype username

Views: 162 · Added: 886 days ago

Hey, wondering if there are any guys on here from either the Oxford or norwich area? Just out to chat and meet new people, my age please! Give me a message or comment on the post :)

hey everyone!
Views: 133 · Added: 887 days ago

feel free to friend me and if you do then you can message me for my skype.

can't wait to meet you all ;)

Furrys and Fursuits...
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Hey. Wondering who here is a 'fur' or likes fursuit sex. Just get back to me and let me know. (By the way, 'fur' does not mean hairy. A 'furry' is a person who is a member of the furry fandom. Look it up. Or, if you are a fan of CSI or 1000 Ways to Die, they have had furs on them but they depict us as pure horndogs. While some are, others are not.)

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hey folks,,just a friendly reminder,,,when you upload a video enter some tags. tags that fit the scene. that way your vid will be seen by more people due to the related videos that appear while the video is playing. also it will appear if someone uses the search box. ty,,resident perv-mike.

I hate cops
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lol I only said I wanted be 1 when I was a child because I liked GUNS.

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I just joined this site and it's awesomeee! ...apart from the crappy photo uploader :P I'm 18, bi, but not out, and I dunno if I ever will be to be honest! I'm an only child so it gets pretty lonely when my parents are away for a few days! :( Cut to the chase I guess i'm just looking for support/anyone else who finds it hard to spend time alone!, what a depressing first blog...sorrrryy! :P haha
James x

profile pix
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Why is it so hard to make a profile picture on here? tried a bunch of pix never works?

Have you heard, of the Stonewall Riots.
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The Stonewall Riots was the start of the Gay Rights Movement
in the USA and was a great day for Gay Rights.
Please read this link about ,some true Heroes, who have fought
to have Gay Rights recognised, for the future of new Generations
to come,who paved the way for us, to have a better life.

great site
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just want to say that i love this site and to all the friends that i have made so far :) xxxxx

Views: 167 · Added: 888 days ago

Wow I haven't been on for awhile its good to be back

Views: 127 · Added: 888 days ago

c2c ? i'm 17 let me yours skype username

Views: 218 · Added: 889 days ago

sorry guys for bringing down the mood but im hopeful comeing off the worse week of my life plz guys throw me some positive feed back coz im really on edeg atm i just dont know anymore

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I'm a guy with a fetish I'm a sweat freak I love stinky arm pits & butt cracks. 1 whiff makes me stiff I get off on that natural man sweat. I will skip deodorant & get off on my own stink. A Stinky Twinky gives me a Stiffy in a Jiffy with a Steamy, Dreamy, Creamy ending.

Terrible news!
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i just got in a car accident on monday may 14th and im in trouble. i need to fix my car and me :( life is in a terrible place right now. so im looking for some comfort and whatever else. just thought i would let the community know.

older 4 younger
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so im wondering if there really are younger guys into older guys on and yea it would help if u were in the nc area ;)

feet lover
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hi my name is marco im 19 im a feed addick,take a look at my vid and pics on beaupied.
write me your best feet sex scene whit other dude and why you love feet.
i get horny just by readind you.
thank marco xxxx

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Sheerness Kent UK
Views: 193 · Added: 890 days ago

hi all, are there any gay or lesbian people in sheerness or on the isle of sheppy? if so ,is there a bar or club? if not does anyone want to get one started.. feedback please xx

Bisexual Videos?
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Hi to all that might read this.

As a more or less bisexual guy I have a lot of videos I could upload to the site, videos that feature mainly MMF threesomes with hot guys who fuck each other, as well as the girl in the video, but before uploading anything, I wanted to maybe take the temperature of people on here.

I have seen a few videos on here, bi threesomes, and some straight up straight sex but not many and was wondering, if there was much point uploading anything with a girl in it? In all the videos I have the guys are into each other just as much as the girl, so personally I dont see an issue... but this is primarily a site for gay men and i dont wanna cause any offence.

Any useful comments would be greatly appreciated.

Shaun :)

Hi there
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Newbie looking for friends any wolfs out there?. please answer me, am a lonely wolf.
I promise to answer back.
Thank you all

profile picture
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I wanted to change my profil picture but somehow it doesn't work. Can anyone give me a piece of advice? If not, could the admin please simply delete my picture?


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I'm wondering if you have ever experienced with loneliness? How did you deal with it?

Need advice...I can't handle this anymore!
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I am extremely attracted to my best friend.

My friend and I have only known each other for about 3 years, but in the last couple of years, we have become very good friends. We spend quite a lot of time together, and we know everything about each other, well almost everything. He doesn't know that I am BI, and that I find him really, really attractive. He has no clue that I get really hard when we play wrestle each other, no clue that I love it when I catch the scent of his hair, no clue that I always look at his ass, no clue that I want to suck his cock so much! The tension is getting to be too much, I have never wanted to get with someone so badly! The worst part is this, he is straight. I know this for a fact because he has been with girls, and when he ever does anything with a girl, he lets me know, and it makes me even more horny, and extremely jelous. I don't know what to do...I fear that making a move, or telling him how I feel with ruin our friendship. I don't want that. But, I can't take this tension that i feel for him anymore, it's driving me crazy. Is there a right way to go about this? Has anyone else has this dilemma? Anyone?? Any advice???

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hey all i have been helping gay guys who go to my school who get bullyed because they are gay because i have been bullied the same way when i was their age but i'm 17 now and i don't get bullied anymore because they stopped bullying me because i just pretend that they are not there and i know their are some under age people on this site and i just want to say if you are getting bullied because you are gay all you need to do is pretend that they are not there and they are surely to stop because they will get bored and if anyone has any other problems you can inbox me and i will be happy to help

BAD NEWS FOR ALL- Appears no more free porn sites
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Aroung 9:00pm (EST) It appears all the (previously) FREE sites, including the 'tubes' are now requiring registraton and most are $29.95 a month. Hate to be the barer of bad news. But that's the way it is - now. Good luck ALL better start downloading. Best to all, Andy

Porn Vids
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can we get more brandon marley videos on here please...or can someone suggest a good site to find them on, its just they are so fucking hot! check out blondie gets blown, and intergenerational...they are the vids he makes :)

How many times do you masturbate in a day?
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In another blog someone wrote " My record for masturbating was 27 times in 24 hours".
What is your record? Was it in a special occasion?

Just came across this from the Washington Post, seems the republican candidate was a bully when we went to school.

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luv being gay.
1st time was @ 11. pulled down a boys pants & he was wearing sexy white undies. showed off his hot bubble butt. That was my 1st time that i tasted a boys butt hole. yummy.

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Is it me, or is there a problem with sound on the vids


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