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Hi,i can`t look videos on Gayboys tube.All other sites work,Flash Player 11 work,only on this site ,the videos cant`load.Please if anybody got the same Probs,or know what goin wrong tell me.I am in Germany

20yrs old and shy
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hey I'm new to the gay community, both online and off. I'm really shy and still in the closet to my friends and family, but i want to branch out and meet new people. I've only been on here a couple days now but i can already tell that this is a site full of wonderful people, so if anyone has suggestions on how i can branch out they would be very much appreciated. and I'm not sure if this is important but I am in the green bay, wi area

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Saturday was just awsome for GB...SUPER SATURDAY..we won 6 golds in 1 day..absolutely fantastic...CONGRATS to all the athletes!!!

Please be patient, I have problems going on
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Just a heads-up to anyone dropping by my wall ... I've got some major family problems going on right now, it's taking up a lot of my time and sucking all my happiness away ... so if I don't get back to you guys right away when you message me or send me add friend requests, I'm sorry, I'm not being ignorant or uncaring or whatever ... I WILL get back to you sometime, but please be patient with me for now. Thank you, loves and hugs XOX

Moving pics
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Can someone tell me how I can move a pic(file) from one of my folders to another site, Like an email, or to add to one of my favorites? I never have figured this out yet.

give your support please..
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A great sorrow has filled my soul this morning. The news that we announced Toby11467 makes me cry. This is an amazing guy and has great inner strength and a great desire to live.He will fight against cancer so me I ask all those who knew him and even those who don't to support him in this great struggle lies ahead. Thank you my friends .... SAM xxx

what kind of vids do you like?
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i must prefer i like vintage vids. the boys wer sucking harder and deeper. the modern twinks are not really into sucking and most of the cumshots are jerk-shots and no cum in mouth-shots or on someones body-shots.

and the vintage boys are the cutest ;-)

Cam sex
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Cam sex any one ?

RE: Contest #1
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Hey guys! So, as of right now we have two winners for the sets of pictures...Congrats to Scorpion1955 and Jpmaxi26! Now, just to make this more of an ease to all of the next 24 hours....the first 25 people to give me their email and ask for my pics will automatically get them...your choice of either Set 1 (basic), Set 2 (spicy), or BOTH!!! No trading is necessary unless you want to! Hurry hurry....time's a ticking, lol!!!

Your favorite nipple licking/sucking scenes?
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I am new to this site. :) I was wondering if you guys had a favorite nipple sucking/licking scene in a video on here?
I've been looking so I have some. :)
I guess just paste the link?
I would really appreciate it!
Thanks guys!

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cant get vids workin there was a problem on this is it flash palyer??

Anyone near Prague?
Views: 203 · Added: 867 days ago

Anyone live in Prague or traveling through sometime soon? I would love to meet up with another guy for some fun

photo gallery not working
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when i click on to the main photo gallery all i get is a blank page showing only the person that posted it, anyone else have that problem...been going on for more then a week.

hey guys :)
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Good morning everybody, ok so I gotta say. Do u perfer a guy to be all smooth or trim or have a bush down there? Me im all smooth, I think the smoother the better plus I hate going,down on a guy and hitting a bush. Tip guys.. Shave its so much better ;p

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cant get vids to play ?? know there was a problem is it my flash player not a prob before

Lonely but picky?
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I have noticed that many people - specially gay people - seem to be very lonely. Many need soneone to talk to and many are looking for friends or partners. That sounds good. I specially point this blog entry to the people that need someone to talk. If you look closer you will find that many of that boys are very picky.

- no older people (over 30 is old, even over 25 is old for some people)
- no fat people (weight is important for a conversation??)
- no this and no that

come on people, thats so stupid. Older people are not "mummies" and most of them are very good chatters. There are poeple that just want to have a sex chat in every age-rank. So dont think older chatters are naughty perverts.

Body stats are not a sign for a good chatter too. If you are complaining about the society and its tolerance against gays , think about your behaviour too.

Irish guys
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Just wondering is there anyone on here who's from Northen Ireland?

Views: 192 · Added: 868 days ago

Any body want to Skype no older then 25

Worse Day of my Life
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So today I was suppose to be off from work but I was asked yesterday to come in from 4-11 and if you did not know I work at Chick-Fil-A and today was one of those protest days across the nation. Instead of working that time, I worked from 11AM until after midnight and then it was worse. Non stop crowds....lines thru crowded....people screaming and shouting....endless orders....polices and protesters...everyone in support with the was just so bad and we ended up serving past our closing time. I almost went to jail cause of what people were telling me and they were taking pics of me and videotaping. I was so pissed off at the end of the night...all this over one comment! :-( I felt like I was really going to die...oh how I wanted to tell them all I was gay but I kept my trap shut so that no trouble occurred....i am scared to even go back to work but I got no choice...but let someone mess with me on friday and I will not hold back! Now i am weak and tired...i need sleep lol nitey nite

my story part two
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hey everyone,

so before i start with this second entry i would like to thank all of my friend i have made on gbt. i would like to mention two members in particular. first sexychris94, thank you for encouraging me to make my profile on here. it was the best decision i've made in my life. second meandean65, my talks with you over the past week have been more help in this process than i can possibly mention. so thanks to both of you.

so now on to my story. at the end of my last blog i told you that i was writing a letter to a woman that has been a second mom to me. well i completed the letter not long after i posted my story. then i rewrote it, then i hid it in a book. finally i decided it was time to tell her. so i kept the note with me in my pocket waiting for the right time to give it to her.

well it truly seemed like the universe was conspiring against me. if it wasn't one thing that got in my way it was another. from unruly kids, to dogs acting crazy it just seemed like everyone was bound and determined to put her in a bad mood and scare me off. then today she realized that i was upset about something, and asked what was wrong. i wasn't quiet ready yet so i waited till we where driving to work. instantly i knew it was a bad idea for me to be the one driving, but i needed a reason to not look at her when i was talking.

after a few minutes of me dragging out the conversation, she asked if i was upset about something her or her kids did, or if it was about my family, or if i did something i was ashamed of. i told her that it was about me but not something i was ashamed of. she looked at me and said "kyle are you gay?"

i was so nervous that all i could do was nod my head and keep the car on the road. but as soon as i nodded yes to her, she instantly smiled wider that i have seen her smile before. she told me that she had known for years now but wanted to let me work it out on my own. she told me how proud she was for having the courage to finally admit to myself and to others who i am. she said everything that i needed to hear. and after we got home i told her kids what i told her, they where very supportive of me(their mother raised them right). now for the first time in m life i am living in a house where everyone knows that i am gay, and there is no longer any secrets for me to hide.

i know that i am just starting in this new world of being openly gay, and i know not everyone will except me. but i also know that with their support i can face any opposition head on.

Chik-Fil-A Comes Out Against Gay Marriage
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Chik-Fil-A just fell off my list of places to do business. They believe they know exactly what God thinks of gay marriage and are siding with him on the issue.

Within recent weeks, everytime I visit this website I get diverted to a warning page telling me that it is a malicious attack site that is planting malware on my computer without my knowledge. Am I the only person who is getting this warning? I wanted to inform the site owner, but there appears to be no way of contacting him/her.

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hay everybody i'm new and looking for pics on here that you can not find add my email i will finf you ANY kind of pics and any age

Views: 204 · Added: 870 days ago

Just wanted to let people know that again the malware warning is appearing in Google Chrome. I have sent a note to Nick18 and put it on his wall.

Of course, as you can see I came here anyway.


Do you like MMORPGs?
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If you do! I have been working on a Facebook page that looks at some really nice strategy guides and the like! AND would really appreciate some comments, likes/fans, etc. =D


What are your favorite video games? I know I would probably get more comments if I asked "What are your favorite role-playing fantasies..." Oh, what the hell. Just say something in the comment box ^.^

<3 Drew <3

Awarding Stars
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How does one award stars to profiles, vids and pics. May seem like a dumb question, but I'm new here...Steve

Idk Anymore
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I have been here nearly two weeks....I have set up a great profile and gotten only a few real friends....everyone else I talk to talks to me once and then goes away or never answers it me? Am I not meant for this site? Maybe....idk but I just don't feel really welcomed. :'-C I feel is already bad enough I am a virgin and hardly have true friends in my life. Sigh...idk anymore. I just have to say that this site is the only one that I can show my real feelings but idk anymore.

My Profile
Views: 166 · Added: 871 days ago

I have finally finished my profile, with a little help from my friends. I'm one of those vintage guys on this site, and I appreciate you all. Come visit sometime. I'll be adding more vids and pics as time permits. Come see me.--- Steve

Profile Avatar
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I have just started my profile, and I find it impossible to add a profile pic. The profile pic box won't accept anything I try to put on it. It stays blank whatever I try to add. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanx.

Multiple Orgasms for MEN???
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Another VERY interesting page that I took the time to look into for members that may be interested in such things!!

Women can have multiple orgasms, but can men? When I read about this, I had to check it out.

Okay, so when you look at the site, you DO have to use your imagination a little bit--substituting the words "women"/"woman" with "men"/"man" XD But when you do, this site has a lot of interesting points and great techniques. We do not need a vagina to have great sex! And I don't need one to have multiple orgasms =D

At least check it out if you are interested, do the same! It couldn't hurt =D

<3 Drew <3

off topic but plz read
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come on tom today dive dive to gold

my story so far
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hey everyone,

I've decided to write out my life so far to help me put things in perspective, and to see if anyone else has a similar story to tell.

i was born in California and was living there until i was 10. so far i had had a fairly normal life, apart from my father who was(and still is) a pill popper. so for most of my child hood he was just laying in bed never really there, but i had a loving and caring mother, as well as my younger sister and many cousins.

i was raised in a christian family and was very sheltered, at the age of 10 my family and i moved out to Wisconsin to be closer to my dads side of the family. when i turned 13 i looked at porn for the first time(like i said very sheltered), it's kind of funny looking back, i was so naive that when i went online i went to ask Jeeves and thought i had to actually ask him a question so i put in 'what is sex'. at the time i hadn't even been given the birds and the bees talk, the only things i herd about sex before that was that that's where baby's come from(from sex-ed in school), and that having sex before marriage, and being gay where sins against god(from my parents), so when i typed in 'what is sex' of course it led straight to porn sites. so intrigued i started looking at the pics and clicking on links until the screen popped up with two men together. i realized almost instantly that this was causing a reaction in me that i didn't feel in the other sites.

after a few minutes of looking at the men it dawned on me that this was what my parents meant by gay. immediately i felt ashamed of what i was looking at and how it made me feel so i exited the window(and deleted the internet memory). the next day at school no matter how hard i tried i couldn't stop noticing all the boys around me. i noticed that i was especially fond of the boys that where thin like i after a few months of not being able to stop feeling attracted to the other boys i decided the best thing i could do is make myself unattractive to them. i even started to lie to myself saying that i was going through a phase in life and that god would help me through it.

so by the age of 15 i had stopped doing any of the physical activity's i loved to do outside, and spiraled into a depression that i'm only now starting to overcome, i put on a lot of weight, and stopped caring for my physical appearance all together.

at the age of 18 i was 5ft 10in and was 280 pounds. by 19 6ft even 303 pounds. i had been to multiple therapist both from schools when i was younger and from my parents when i started homeschooling(i had asked to be home schooled because of social anxiety), but i was always afraid of telling them why i was depressed fearing that the therapist would tell my parents, so seeing no progress my parents stopped making me go.

about two months ago i moved from eau claire to green bay(about 3hrs away). i now live with a family that has been like a second family to me, they are much more open minded and have no religious standings. the person i consider a second mom is a type of person to always ask questions about peoples beliefs, and when she asked about my religions views on homosexuality i found myself stumbling over my own words. after a few conversations with her i slowly began to realize that maybe i don't need to suppress who i am. one week ago i started to let myself accept who i am, and four days ago i joined this site finding a ton of helpful loving people. since last week i have started to slowly lift myself up from the depressed state i was in for over 5 years and have already began to loose weight and feel good about myself(oddly enough without any thought or effort on my part to do so). i am currently in the process of writing a letter to my second mom to both tell her about me and to let her know just how much she has help me. it's a work in progress and i'm not sure when I'll be giving her the letter but I'll post again on here when i do and tell everyone how it went...but in the mean time i would like to thank everyone on here for making this such a great place to chat(even tho it is a porn site and not what i was expecting to find on here lol)

looking for m8s
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I'm looking for fun uk guy i can't see a lot from the uk so if your young add me i just old new m8s

what i think when i see a cute boy checking me out
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noooooooo why am i 20 why couldnt i be like 14 or something

cumshot compilation
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This Vid makes my Dick to more Dick...*g*
and you?

Views: 195 · Added: 872 days ago

hello i'm jake uk. i'm a youngteen in midlands


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