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Thanks Nick, just like to say you and your team do a grand job, getting those gremlins out of the system

Davey1965 400 days
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David count down has began 399 days and just a few hours left i wish you a great 400 days and you are a wonderful buddy please all you friends out there give your regards to a great guy

Test Blog Post IE
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Joffrey Baratheon
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Views: 412 · Added: 315 days ago

Does anyone know what ever happened to DAC8?

KINGuys - Sex gay!
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Views: 186 · Added: 317 days ago

I just wanted to point out

Views: 186 · Added: 317 days ago

I finally have a boy friend.

2018 Gay Games will be in Paris
Views: 85 · Added: 317 days ago

Congratulations to Paris for being awarded the 2018 Gay Games.

hey Guys anyone wanna cam with me?
Views: 156 · Added: 317 days ago

let me no if anyone wants to cam with me looking for around 18 to 23 of age ty...:)

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Enemas, suppositories
Views: 155 · Added: 317 days ago

Did any one get these growing up or still do them for medical reasons or for forplay? Would like to hear from guys that got them when they were in high school or college.

ever get in a 3 way!?
Views: 115 · Added: 317 days ago

i tryed 2 times with really hot guys. one guy was my ex but we were still fwb. and the other was my best friend who i was also fwb with.

every time we tryed a 3 way people feelings were hurt and it ended up bad!

up load a pic
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every time i try to up load a pic is says invalid pic whats up with that

Views: 79 · Added: 317 days ago

Since the new layout was launched i don

What do you think?
Views: 225 · Added: 317 days ago

On another web site where I hang out everyday there is photos of very cute young guys posted and everyone is welcome to comment, now some of the comments are about the lack of pubic hair, personally I think it's very sexy seeing a guy with very little or no pubes and it makes it better when giving a blowjob not getting a mouth full of hair, but what do you think turn on or tun off and what about for yourself do you shave/trim your pubes of let them grow.

remove friends
Views: 150 · Added: 317 days ago

can anyone tell me how I remove friends from my list.

Problem with messages
Views: 88 · Added: 317 days ago

Hey all, not sure if you guys have the same problem or not. Since the software upgrade, my inbox always says "3 new messages", but I just can't see those "new" messages.

can somebody please help? thanks a lot!

a nother goof.
Views: 84 · Added: 317 days ago

Sorry this new set sucks it cut half of what i was saying. ho will. Thanks to everyone on GBT for there kind words. Rex

Thanks to everyone.
Views: 153 · Added: 317 days ago

Hi iam back from Jay's funeral and have retuen home at my familys resort in Mexico. I would like to share with you my friends here on GBT a few things. I was very surprise to see jay's school and a lot of towns pepole turn out for his funeral. Jay's Dad had draped jay's coffin with the rainbow flag and most where wearing a pride ribbons in honor of Jay. And what surprised me most was jay's three best friends who be traded jay and where the ones that started the bullying. Thay where his pallbearers as was I, thay did not look will and you could see thay where hurting inside real bad. Was able to talk to them and thay knew i was jay's life friend and told me thay never had meant for Jay to take his life. these three young man where very tore up inside and you could see this in there eyes. I forgave them, but thay had live with what thay had done the rest of there lives. Yes I feel sorry for them and ther familys. this communty has learned what bullying can do.I would like to thank everyone for there kind words and support this is a strong Gay Communty GBT. Thank you. I'll be saying my goodbyes to all my Friends here on GBT, I've had my troubles being Bullyed for being young and

Views: 122 · Added: 318 days ago

´╗┐omg omg i had to do a systems restore on my laptop , LOST everything , all my good porn and countless porn videos i made , single tear lol i'm so pissed :( i will never find all that porn again .

anyone want to chat on skype?
Views: 95 · Added: 318 days ago

my skype ID is


IPhone/IPad - still problems
Views: 90 · Added: 318 days ago

I have cleared history, cookies and data. Shut the devices down and turned them on again. But still that same page turns up when I search for Gayboystube - (page 1 of 1731). It happens on both my pad and phone.

What more, and how to do?

pls help,,,I'm a bit tired of looking at the same porn haha - and GBT are the best page ever!!!

Views: 104 · Added: 318 days ago

alot of vidios dont show.....?

ANSWER! For gay, bisexual and straight boys/guys!
Views: 290 · Added: 318 days ago

These questions are for boys with every sexual prefer

Bien le bonjour a toi !
Views: 87 · Added: 319 days ago

Je suis a la recherche d'un mec super cool

Kik me?
Views: 71 · Added: 319 days ago

My kik is: BornUncut

Lets get to know each other? :)

Views: 137 · Added: 319 days ago

I cant update and see the "new stuff", I am stuck on an old page, and everytime I press "newest" it returns to that same page,,, can see its a problem on Android, is it the same for Iphone/Ipad?

Views: 74 · Added: 319 days ago

If you like to chat to me I am now on skype, check out my profile for detail, hope to speak to someone soon

my video hasn't come up yet
Views: 109 · Added: 319 days ago

hey i uploaded a video last night and it still come up on my profile yet, im just asking does anyone know why?

How to get back my old account?
Views: 219 · Added: 319 days ago

After the upgrade, I was no longer able to login, even though the system still seemed to recognize my previous username - GreeneGhost.

For Jay and his Family we thank you all.
Views: 252 · Added: 320 days ago

Hi this is Rex's Dad we here at the resort would like thank everyone for thair encouraging words on the behalf of Jay and his friends here at the resort. Rex left this morning to attend Jay's funeral and back soon to correspond with you all. Look ive been trying to post some pictures of Jay and Rex on GBT,but unable to do so. Ive had our tech here try no go. So if some one wood contact me and till me how ill post the pics.Jay was a strong boy and a very happy young man here and at home. He took a stand and me and Rex that he was going to till his closet friends he was Gay and come open all. It sddens me when you trust someone close and thay turn on you being friends for years.I work very close with our LGBT coummity here at the resort for we have all ages who are Gay and Bi. Boys and Girls. I was very surprise to see GBT members trying to help Rex. Thank you. As for Rex closing his account with GBT will lets see. I know Nick and his boys try to keep it safe and Rex's best friends like Hotboy03 and Andy(Nate88) a fellow Marine. Have given some good encouragement to Rex again Thank you. As For all you who love putting down the young Gay youth and someone who lives in a wonderful Gay resort it hurts real bad. Let our older Gay generatuion lead the way to a strong Gay community. Remember what Rex said most young boys are not looking for sex form a older gay men,thay are looking for a good friend to give them answers. Will i said my peace. From all of us here at the resort and Rex and friends Thank you we Love All. Rex's Dad.

Had a good week?
Views: 102 · Added: 320 days ago

Did everyone have a good week?

hey everyone
Views: 108 · Added: 320 days ago

hiya hows everyone doing im sorry that i been on for while i just been very busy at work but im goin try to be online alot more :):) but i hope you all doin ok!!!

i am happy to be here
Views: 188 · Added: 320 days ago

it is a friday the fourth of october,,2013..there has been a lot of turmoil here lately..suicides,,manic ,,,deletions,,,negativity......we need to stay together...i will be here...thru it..good people here will too..

vids not playing and ratings lost
Views: 194 · Added: 321 days ago

Since the new site update, I have not been able to play any vids on my android based phone.


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