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Some parts of my blogs don't appear!

Anyone knows why?

where are
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does anybody no where yngswimmer went

vids not playing
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today no vids will play

- Putin's Butchers Continue to Persecute Gay Teens
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As usual the video clip features a young 17 years old boy captured by the gang using a fake personal ad, allegedly from a 22 years old man. The age of consent is 16 in Russia thus it is not illegal for a 17 years old to enter into the relationship with an older person. During the course of the video the victim is outed to the entire world while being forced to state his full name, address and place of employment. They even made the teen to place a phone call to his employer, Svetlana, who stated that she was ashamed with him and "he should be punished." There is a monetary reward for those gang members who would re-post this video on their pages and groups.

Watch the video here...

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My Skype name is gbt2cam2. Please be 18-23 years old. Thanks!

There is a video on the site that has been uploaded illegally by one of the members. It was recorded without permission and uploaded here.

Life is.....
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My Mom is so great, she brought me over beer, chocolate golden coins , twizzlers, 2 apples and some potato salad.

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I would consider myself young at 22, yet consider myself old at mind. I tend to be mature and overthink many things, some people call me boring. Possibly because I dont want to be doing immature pranks or jokes. I live on my own away from my mom and younger brother. I love it, yet I find it lonely. At times i find myself wondering what is the purpose of life. I love life dont get me wrong, but everyday feels mundane. I am afraid to comeout, I know deep down that I am Gay...but for some reason There is a part of me that is ashamed and embarrased. My whole life I have grown around anti-gay family and friends. My entire life I have put on this personna that is also anti-gay. I am afraid to stop putting on the mask that I have been hidding behind my entire life.

Why are the videos jamming up, stoping, not working, working as a picture slide show?!

I am gay
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For many years, I always believed I was bisexual. Until few weeks ago, I started to notice myself that I always stared at guys, watched lots of gay movies and porns, and thought all about guys. I have no interest in women. I realized that meant I'm gay, not bisexual. I was afraid to admit that I'm gay. I always prefer to say I'm bisexal, not gay. Well, I am glad that I've found my new identify, but I'm also not happy for being alone. I know that I am not only one gay person, but I don't have any friends who have lots of commons. That makes me feel unhappy. I will work on it. For now, I can just focus on whatever I do. I'm trying not to worry too much.

To a very special boy
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It stepped out of the darkness, filling my room with warmth and life - I trembled knowing its power and grace.

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it is that time of year, to give out some care and love, to whoever needs it, give encouraging words, or a reassuring SMILE, be there for someone, will do my best to keep their spirits up, take care my friends

How to come out ?
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Because I am horny and want to find a nice guy. I think I am ready. Please, give me some ideas about how to come out so that my parents and friends know that I am gay. My older brothers both know now and promised to wait to tell anyone until I am ready. They told me that they don't care because we are still and will always be brothers and they both said that they already know about my preference for guys. They have both caught me watching gay videos on this site in my room. I am worried about my mom and dad and how they will be if I tell them now. And my friends not sure about it yet. I do need ideas. I think maybe if it is out that I am gay I will be able to find a good guy who likes the same ideas as me. Maybe it will be easier to find a nice guy to play in bed. I am gay I am horny and I think I am ready to tell everyone now.

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its the weekend and enjoying my ben and jerrys, phish food icecream, what are your favorite flavour

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Can anyone tell me why the videos will not work, thanks

Mmmm Rocky Horror
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Where is our Toby
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toby,its slurper aka Billy

A porn actor who contracted HIV while filming has called for condoms to be made compulsory across the adult film industry.

Derrick Burts, 24, tested positive for HIV in October after starring in US gay and straight porn films.

He was named only as Patient Zeta when the news broke last month.

The straight industry currently requires performers to be tested regularly and checks them against a database called AIM but this is not a requirement in gay porn.

Condoms are normally used but there is still a market for bareback films.

link to 574 old short films
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must check out...

hugs for all
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well i hope you are not suffering a winter depression. its cold and grey lots of days in europe...

7th Dec 2013
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Hi my freind
mh let me think one moment......
I intened to watch a pon and sp... but finally I went out for a walk with a very good friend. Later we'll wacht a DVD have some popcorn and hot teal. What are your plans42night. BTW Got a headache :(

cyber monday
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in honor of today, my partner and i have decided to buy a vibrator that we can use during oral sex. aby recommendations? for brand or type? not how to use it, although if you're good at it, why not?

RIP "Nelson Mandela" 1918 - 2013
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What equal rights were to the black South African communitiy,much the same as the battle for Gay rights in the World, Nelson Mandela will be remembered for a stand and rise among the many hearts he touched.

Problem with video uploads
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hi guys for some reason when i upload videos they dont appear i know they are fine to upload

Anyone in Austin Texas?
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I just moved here for college, and I kinda want to let loose. When I was back home, I was so inside the closet. I still am and I just want to find someone to talk to and maybe more if we connect. About me? Well I'm 5'6 130lbs, hispanic. I'm not only looking to hook up but I also want a friend. I havent made out or done anything with a guy in 5 years.

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"according to physics, nothing ever quite touches. when you lay your hand on something, there is a microscopic amount of space between the atoms of your hand and whatever you

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so how good are you with your mouth? can you get a guy off with just your jacking, no hands?

Twitter abuse received by Tom Daley after he revealed yesterday that he is in a relationship with a man, is proof of how bad cyber bullying can be.

Some abusive responses to Tom Daley’s coming out, during which the Olympic diver revealed he is in a relationship with a man, during a debate around cyber bullying.

”There was one, I’m not even going to repeat some of the language as it is pretty horrific. One person is saying he is no longer a fan of Tom Daley because of the choice, as they call it, he has made.

“And one saying ‘I’m now so ashamed of my country.”

Gay Family?
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WE are looking for a young gay guy who wants to have a true family. If you are Gay and your family do not understand we are the family for you!

WE do not want you as a sex slave only a gay son who will enjoy his family and us to enjoy and love you.

We had a son before, filipino, who said he loved us but tried to "Blackmail" us, he did not suceed, he went to jail.

WE only want LOVE from a sincere guy, we are not kinky and do not want a houseboy. If you are interested contact us we will tel you ALL TRUTHS..... NO LIES!!!

Who do you want for Christmas?
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I want Evan Peters

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I uploaded a video and i need to delete it but i have no option to do that, and i cant contact anyone from GBT to help me do that

Tom Daley has just come out!!
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Love is Love, it shouldn't matter who you fall in love with. we shouldn't need to 'come out' just because we're in love with someone of the same sex. we shouldn't need the governments approval to marry the person we love. we shouldn't be told by church's that its wrong when we don't even follow there faith. Tom Daley has just told the world that he's in love with a guy and it makes him 'feel so happy, so safe, it feels great, it feels right' thats what matters, not what bible says what, or that our prime minister disagrees with gay marrage. this type of mentality is what made me hide myself, its what made me hate myself for years for being gay. I'm so happy that everyday people are coming out because it will make society realise that its not abnormal, and one day we won't need to 'come out' we can just say we're in love
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