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I miss you - when i wake up in the morning and the place beside me is empty, when my hands reaching out and there is only empty air, when i ask something and there comes no answer, when i wait for you and you don't come, when my eyes looking for you and can't find you, when i'm sad and you're not here to talk with me, when i'm alone and you're not here to hold me, when i need a shoulder to cry on and you're not here to wipe away my tears, when i'm only waiting for a sign and need you to take me in your arms, i look above and wait. These are the moments i miss you so much and my love to you is growing much much bigger.

dumb me
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yea..i am mike1946..accidently deleted my account

My freind who I guess is bi,reconnected with me over the last few months and I told him about this site. He tried to join up and has been busting my balls that he hasnt gotten the follow up email or whatever. He's really becoming bitchy so what do I tell him MODS?

Mystery Friend Request.
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I've been notified that I have a new friend request..

now hear this
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everybodys privileges are suspended until morale improves...

Views: 264 · Added: 310 days ago

why am i so horny all the time?

Back at Last
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After weeks of being unable to log in after the site upgrade at long last thanks to the efforts of Grangeol I have been able to come back.How much I have missed everyone.

Nick if you read this may I suggest you give an email address where members can tell you if they are unable to login because I understand that there are many others who are in a similiar situation

what is anymore
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is life important, I think is it really, sometimes I dont know anymore, I just go about, plodding through my daily life and think really

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just like to say guys thanks for all your support, I would like to say more, but I am empty just now, dont know whats wrong, the words just seem to have dried up. THANKS

i blog my...
markX2005 - 2013-11-24 17:18:53 Respond / Delete
WALL-NEWS the second album of smokiez: todays upload failed again, so moderator don't like smokers?? it's a fetish like bareback or sucking cum, isn't that dangerous too??? ... sorry guys (moderators)
markX2005 - 2013-11-24 12:09:40 Respond / Delete
WALL-NEWS the second album of smokiez was uploaded last friday, i don't know why it isn't online now. today (sunday) i try a second upload, without choosing a category... i'm in a good mood, hopefully the moderator is too :-)

creative sex
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so things r great in my relationship cureently. we have ssen eachother naked and love it.My Bf has a nive 6, 7 inch uncut cock. what exactly do i do with it when giving head when we get that far? also we both dont like anal sex. any creative suggestions?

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My friend want that i have to make a PA-piercing.

I heard several times that if you got that piercing you can piss only by sitting on the toilet or otherwise it makes a big mess!

Thank You...
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Are there times in your life when you have put your foot in it, only to feel the next day you shouldnt have said what you said, is it because you are too close to someone

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i get my reality check everytme i get to shower at the gym. your normal college locker room is not full of smooth, beautiful twinks such as this site's pics might suggest. in reality guys are average looking, have bruises, zits, some flab, unshapley legs and arms, and hair. omg, they have hair of all various degrees, here and there, i find beauty in twinks, but mainly in the heart and mind. and the body, well you can't be a teen forever.

Be You
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Don't let you be defined by expectations.

I'm just a musical prostitute, my dear ... I dress to kill, but tastefully ... I'm possessed by love, but isn't everybody ... I won't be a rock star, I will be a legend ... I'm just a slag who gets up every morning, scratches his head and wonders what he wants to fuck ... I am a manipulator of life ... woman are like modern paintings, you can't enjoy them, if you try to understand them ... what will I be doing in twenty year's time, I'll be dead darling ... oh, I was not made for heaven, no, I don't want to go to heaven, hell is much better, think of all the interesting people you're going to meet down there ... when i'm dead, are they going to remember me, I don't really think about it, it's up to them, when I'm dead, who cares - i don't ... i'm a very tragic person, but there's always an element of humor at the end ...

Webmaster Contact Info. Request
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Does anyone know how to contact the webmaster?

Views: 189 · Added: 312 days ago

n e body have a used dildo they would like to send my way?

A Wonderful Thing - and a most Wonderful Man Johnnyb25
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This morning I found the most wonderful post on my wall. A long and meaningful post from Johnnyb25, a dear friend. I noted it and was prepared to thank him as I made my usual morning round of friends to start the day and then on so many walls, there was a post from Johnny, each one different and each one clearly chosen especially for the recipient. Chosen in love and with deep thought. I was moved deeply, for someone to take the time to touch each person with care. Such an amazing man you are. So I thought it better to not only thank you on your wall, but to also let the world know what a kind, generous and wonderful man you are. You are special Johnny and a treasure to many. Thank you for being you.

Who will be the next NASCAR Champion ?
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Hello everyone, I'm just curiuos if any of you follow NASCAR?

what you wearing?
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What underwear you got on?

There are mornings like this one that brings incredible life lessons. Lessons of courage, love and hope. Hell on Earth really exists but the courage of individuals gives us hope that Heaven may also be on earth .. This man is one of the biggest inspiration that I have seen in my young life. So emotionnal and touchy.

750 DAYS
Views: 262 · Added: 313 days ago

You're getting old Joel, hehehe. Congrats to the HOND ...

I don't care anymore!
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Have you ever felt burnt out? Overwhelmed stressed out to the point were days blend into one another. I know this post is strange to be published on a gay porn website, but I really dont know where else to vent. I could easily go to yahoo answers but there is something calming about posting on a site in which there are other guys like me who are attracted to the male body. A place where I can be myself, in the comfort of my own home, the only place where strangers I have never met actually see the true side of me. You may not know me and you probably never will, but I like hearing feedback from people who are not afraid to be their true self.

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Guys, I'm 23 years old. I'm horny. I got a big nice cock for you! LOL! Please add gbt2cam2 on skype! Must be 18-23 years old. Thanks!

cum shot
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every guy likes to boast about his cum shoot. "yeh, i can shoot over my head!" some dribble, some shoot. thats what i luv about porn vids. all the interesting cum shots.

Views: 233 · Added: 313 days ago

i deleted my own blog. try again...

Undo friends.
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No Fap November
Views: 388 · Added: 313 days ago

So after reading about No Fap November, I've decided to try :s Anyone else on board?

Blew a huge load on the 31st to get ready, and I'm hoping to make it the whole month!

What is everyone going to curb the urge?

magical moment
Views: 56 · Added: 314 days ago

when i

earliest memorys
Views: 3399 · Added: 314 days ago

what were your earliest memorys of being attracted to guys?

Explain it to me...
Views: 230 · Added: 314 days ago

What is our fascination with HUGE UNCUT Cocks? What is so wrong with those beautiful boys with smaller cut cocks? I mean really... I LOVE a nice big cock in my ass too but after a certain length they are just TOO Big to suck...Lets see if we can find some more of those sweet tasty 5" cut morsels, shall we please?

Positive Thoughts...
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Let's all share some happy and/or positive thoughts,send out some good vibes...

Views: 111 · Added: 314 days ago

Hi, anybody have snapchat?


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