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Cooper says Good Bye
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I just got a message from him to say good bye to everyone on his behalf. I hope he returns sometimes soon because he been a great friend to and had these awesome times chatting with him. I know most of you are going to miss him. I am sad about it.

An actually introduction
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Hey I'm Justfornow A.K.A. Dean,

I have been in GBT for a while now but I've never actually made an intro blog and I think I should. I'm 19, working on school homework all the time but always looking to have fun. My goal in life is to become an author and have successful books out in the market (even though no one reads books now a days ._.) I love to write, it's my passion to be able to be creative and write whatever i want on a piece of paper. I'm bi and horny when ever im not working. I'll cam anytime or chat anytime I can but I hate it when people just expect to go on cam the second I add you on skype. I only cam with those I trust. But anyways, that's me pretty much. Hello everyone ^^

New and Improved GBT Coming Soon
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I am very happy to announce the New and vastly improved GBT site will be opened by this Friday. We have been working hard on this all summer and I do apologizes for neglecting a few normal duties but really excited to release this new update. Will be done in two parts, and might expect a few small issues but working hard now to catch as many as possible first. I will try to leave it too you to spot the improvements, as just naming them all would take a lot of time :) But its easier to say ALL features, options, lay-outs, and requests have had improvements made to them or soon will.

I really appreciate all of your support, and looking forward to showing you all of our hard work

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Ok I finally got my password and shit fixed! I am not dead, some asshole hacked my shit on here as well as other things and posed as my brother on here in which my brother knows nothing of this site! I am alive and I did not off myself! So I wanted to let everyone know that I am back

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who would join me if i opened a gay nudist club/camp in southern ohio? nice pool, hiking, lake, restaurant and clubhouse. gays only, all nude. cheap rates. i may have an investor....

How is everyone's weekend?
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How has your weekend been going? Any good stories?

What is everyone up 2 ???
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Any 1 up 2 anything fun?

Looking to Cam on Skype
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I'm looking for anyone to cam with on skype. Add me if you want. Justfornow233. If I had you on skype before and for some reason im not on your list before, it's because I had some glitch with skype. I lost all my friends on my list.

Westchester NY
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Looking to see whos in the area for friends,Young, old doesnt matter we all have something in common, Hopefully im not the only one in my area. Love this site.

Haster9mace GBT virgin
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Okay, so I'm just starting to figure out how to work all the aspects of this site that are available to members. I figured out how to upload vids and I'm really pleased at how well most of the them have been received.

If some kind friend who's reading this has a moment, would you please clue me into how to post photos. I posted one but it was by pure accident. I have no clue what I did to get it uploaded . . . . I'm good at pressing keys and buttons, not so great at doing things in the proper order (instructions are generally not my strong suit.)

So if you've got a minute, toss me a clue or two, I'll be forever in your debt . . . well, maybe for a few minutes, at least.

Waiting breathlessly but with luv, You can probably tell I was an English major, huh?
h9m, somewhere in the States.

the story of life for those who are invisible
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I love this website case everyone doesn't judge.I'm bi and have a gf but love all you guys. Anywho this is my story or whatever. Plz don't judge. 2ND grade was a interesting grade to be singled out. I was lazy in school and people chose me as a easy target. Being lazy in school did one thing that would change my life. The school decided to put me in LD classes or better known as learning disorder. From there on Ppl would judge me as someone stupid. Then came the ladies I didn't really have good luck with the ladies.I had a few gf but all were to crazy literally one had told everyone she was prego and I asked if she made the rumor she said no. Well lying was a second language to that one. Another girl didn't even like giving head for more than 4 seconds at a time. Anywho getting off subject. My heart would ache every school day. Heading into high school I really started liking guys watching my friends undress in PE I had to hide my wood. I even got to wrestle with a few of them then there was body hair arm Put hair was developing for a while and 1 friend in particular had the cutest briefs cutest body hair and long brown hair. Damn I get hard always thinking of him. But also learning my like for guys I got bullied everyday just for keeping to my self and doing art on the side. Anyways idk that was a Lil if my life. I was bord and figured I put something on here. Now I'm on anti depressant for everything I've delt with and was never able to tell anyone any of this so I guess I'm kinda opining up to anyone who cares. Also I'm 21 don't have a profile pic cause idk how to. Anyways if any one wants to send some shirtless pics to me that's cool if not that's fine. I prolly won't just cause I have judgment issues. Anywho maybe I'll keep pudding things me and my guy friends had done a while back if I get good reviews

Change your life
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If you had the Chance to Change your life what would you Change and do you like it as it is

Steelhammer your day of reckoning is here........
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Everyone who has opened a blog I am sure has had the pleasure of Steelhammer commenting on your blog. In over 500 days he has not posted a blog of his own so there is no way we can comment on him. This blog is meant for everyone to say whatever you have wanted to say about Steelhammer. Beware his sharp tongue will also comment here. Now don't hold back lets here it.......

What's happening?
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Way too many weird, persistent bisexual persons here lately. Is there a pussy shaped hole somewhere? This is GAY-Boys-Tube. Not BOOBS-LOVER-Boys-Tube. Get out! But before you go, apologize for stealing the precious few seconds I needed to write this!

Something In The Water?
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Why is it that every second guy on here seems to be called 'Cody'?

I think there must have been something in the water about 20 years ago which made parents - en masse - decide to name their child by that name.

It many ways it would be easier to simply ask: will the guy not called Cody please raise his hand

Not family
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My favourite is my foster bro.

Just wondering :-0
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Not to be negitive, but what is it that younger guys see in much older men !!!

Do you guys ever notice...?
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Well do you?

Funeral Music
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I know this is not the usual sort of post for this website but some of my friends will understand why I am making this request.
Can anyone suggest some suitable music for a funeral? I don't mean hymns as this will be a celebration of life with a few prayers. What we are looking for is some upbeat type of music.

20 yo boy spanked & forced 2 worship sneakers - PICS
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Sub Lavor (20) get for his attemt at rap rope collar, was spanked with wet rag and finaly can worshiping Dzary's and PeterPan's sneakers - sending 2 pics from our last dom / sub action (attached OR on image links below also):



Just for fun
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MY Name is the red baron and i am looking for snoopy anny one seen that dog

Views: 328 · Added: 301 days ago

Man what is up with you please talk to me. Why did you delete your account. This hurts so bad. You should have talked to me first. Cooper

The real Johnny
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Ok I finally got my password and shit fixed! I am not dead, some asshole hacked my shit on here as well as other things and posed as my brother on here in which my brother knows nothing of this site! I am alive and I did not off myself! So I wanted to let everyone know that I am back!

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Is kissing part of a good relationship, or friendship. Can you share a kiss with a good friend and nothing else...

monster cocks
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i find a monster cock as awesome as the next gay man, since i have average equipment it's always nice to be inspired to dream for more. but an unfortunate majority of the wankvids starring guys with monster tools are nothing more than dudes on monster ego trips. they literally wave it in our face repeatedly throughout the self indulgent ode to the saying: if you've got it, flaunt it! this quickly becomes tiresome and completely kills any erotic appeal in the wankvid. the performance is obviously for the benefit of the wanker, not for the entertainment of the viewer. i find some consolation in the fact that the cum of these egowanks is usually unspectacular. far more erotic to me is a wankvid with the performer having modest size blowing an ejaculation of epic proportions. i love it when his cum shoots out in fountains, sometimes traveling in feet in a beautiful arc! i run the vid in slo-mo and count the number of spurts. the record is a twink shooting 22! times in 3 min. underwater! i kid you not! guiness world record in my book! maybe this will motivate those lucky enough to posses a monster tool to cool it on the wankvid ego trips. just gratefully and modestly show us your beauty in action and let it "spurt" for itself! mahalo nui loa (thank you very much). aloha. 8:) Haleiwa Keoni

thank you!!!
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This is a little different message, I'm going to take some time from here...I thank all of you for the love and support that you have given me. the really special one's and you know who you are, have really shot me out of my dark hole into the might have been to much to fast. so with that said, I wish all of you the very best life can offer! and my humble love for you all.

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How can two guys have sex just for the sex. Isnt it better if two have love and respect for each other? Just jerking off would probebly be more satisfying, because you love and respect yourself.

jo in public
Views: 567 · Added: 302 days ago

do you like to jo in public? or outside? where are some of the strangest places you have left your spermies at?

Views: 202 · Added: 302 days ago

Thinking of leaving, just feel a bit flat just now, dont know what to do, its been a bit of a year for me, maybe just take a break. You dont know what you have until its not there, so in a muddle. Just like to say to my friends, thanks for seeing me through my difficult times.

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hey I am looking for a older man to Skype with. add me if u are interested subzerox77 ;) Im 18

Views: 556 · Added: 303 days ago

hi do any younger guys like older guys

Penis Map Of The World Exposes Weenie Size In Each Country ...

Sweden Allows Public Masturbation
Views: 257 · Added: 304 days ago

A 65-year-old Swedish man was acquitted of sexual assault after pleasuring himself on a beach in Stockholm in June.

The district court of Södertörn tossed out the charge on the grounds that he didn’t look at anybody while fondling himself. The court ruled he had committed no offense, as he did not direct his “activities” at any particular target.

Public prosecutor Olof Vrethammar told the Mitti newspaper that he had no plans to appeal and called the ruling “reasonable.” When asked if the act is now acceptable in public, Vrethammar said public fondling was “okay” – as long as it’s not directed towards a specific individual — but may still be considered “disorderly conduct.”

Regardless, the ruling may serve as a precedent in Sweden, where some uncomfortable public exchanges may be imminent.

Views: 4646 · Added: 305 days ago

Anyone a boy scout in here or used to one? I am just wondering


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