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Ok so when I was younger me and my neighbours son did some sexual stuff when we where younger and this had to stop cause we nearly got caught making out we use make out every couple of days and he use to bring this on by kissing me and then we would blow each other and the other day I was speaking to him and I said to him do you remember what we use to do and he said no so I left it there and didnt say anything further im now 32 and his 28 and he has a girfriend so my question is it possible to forget things like this or is he just blocking this from his mind. also another one of my mates use to have regular sex and he is now with a girl and is planning on getting married to her soon is he in denia.l I confronted him about this and he says it just a bit fun so I said we used to do anal and other stuff l all the time and he would kiss me and would say he loves me should I let him go a head with this marriage and accept that what we had is over and just move on with my life

looking for xbox friends and fun
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Hello I'm Chris an I'm looking for friend that share the same interests as me an looking to find some one who plays xbox if u have xbox and xbox live and if u have room on your friends list and if u have the same interests such as call of duty please grop me a friends request and let the games begin

My xbox gamer tag is .................................. ( HAZE 420GENERAL ) im an 20 y/o white slim twink smooth with a 8.5 C
I look forward to the game

Have you ever been in love?
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Horrible isn’t it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses, you build up a whole suit of armor, so that nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life…You give them a piece of you. They didn’t ask for it. They did something dumb one day, like kiss you or smile at you, and then your life isn’t your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so simple a phrase like ‘maybe we should be just friends’ turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It’s a soul-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain. I hate love.

tan lines
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is anyone here as turned on by tan lines as me

Do you ever feel like doing this ?
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Do you ever feel like walking up to some man in the street anyone a stranger and saying "hey watch this" then whip your cock out and have a wank infront of him till you cum.

just me on sale
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my virginity is on sale :O!

Ever Miss The Guy That You Had Feelings For Years Ago?
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I sure do! I loved him so much!! Still do. He had to move from Vancouver to the other end of the country (Nova Scotia) with his family. Miss him to death!!!!!

Hot Videos
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Thanks all who put up some new hot videos My cock was getting bored with my older collection and needed something new to cum to My cock thanks u 2 LOL

test the truth
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Sex with any other person, given and taken with honesty, compassion, truth, love, and passion topped with pure lust, is the greatest gift any of us can share with one another. Thanx for being here...

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i dont know how to work this site.cCan anyone tell me how to expand on my more info box? thanks

Ropes, Poles and Orgasms
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I know of only one other person who has experienced this but I'm sure there must be many others and am interested in anyone's thoughts or experiences. When I was about 10 years old we were allowed to climb the ropes in gym class for the first time. Three ropes hung from the ceiling of the gymnasium. Mats were spread across the floor beneath the ropes in case someone fell. I had never climbed a rope this high and was a bit scared but two of my class mates were on either side of me and it was a race to the top. Touch the ceiling and slide down in the shortest time. The whistle blew and I was climbing. If you've never done this before the process is simple; jump and grab the rope with your hands, pull your self up, “grab” the rope between your legs, reach up with both hands and pull yourself higher. Repeat this process until you reach the top or run out of energy then slide down the rope to the floor. I had done this other places and was good at it, but this time was different. About ¾ up the rope I felt an incredibly wonderful sensation between my legs. I stopped on the rope, my legs still moving as the sensation cascaded through my body. I nearly fell off but managed to hang on and slide down. This was my very first orgasm (dry). I didn't understand what it was but knew I really, really liked it! After this I was climbing any pole or rope I could find or rig up. Years later while watching a nephew at a playground I saw a boy climbing a pole who was clearly experiencing the same thing. He walked past me with a shocked look on his face and I said quietly “It's perfectly normal. Enjoy it”. He is the only other person I know of who has experienced this. Is it that rare? Has anyone reading this had an orgasm while climbing a rope or pole?

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“If the entire world sought to make itself worthy of happiness rather than make itself happy, then the entire world would be happy.”
― Criss Jami, Venus in Arms

Tell Me What Kind Of Porn You Guys Like and Fetishes
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It is okay to be honest with me, I am quite dirty minded. All sorts of things turn me on and turning you guys on with my uploads turns me on. I just uploaded quite a few solo and fetish solo clips, lets hope they get approved. Not all of them will be for everyone but they make me horny at least; I know I'm dirty minded and have some strange fetishes but at least I'm honest about it. Vanillia and mainstream gay porn you wont find much of that here and I don't intend to upload much of that kind of stuff. If you like the gay hardcore, fetish, and kinky stuff though I think you will enjoy most up my uploads.

Talk to you later guys and keep jerking,

Lonely Guy

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Who was the best gay singer of all time

What I want to know is .....
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Who would fuck Jake bugg? I sure as hell would!

feel great
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Who likes soul, blues, R&B, this music is good as a background to the most romantic evening, some of it is so full of love, thats what life is about share your love with your date or lover, bring them roses, romance them....

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There are only 75 left in the wild... I signed the petition to save them from sure extinction if people don't take a stand... and take a stand NOW!!!

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for my friends that are going away or are going away soon, love and best wishes on a safe journey to Stees and Chris[coolcock]. if anyone likes to add any more you are all welcome, with open arms, spread the love.

favorite picture
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everyone has a favorite video. but what is ur favorite picture mine is

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Anyone been to see any good ones or are going to go to, been to Mammia mia, was great fun the whole audience joined in, didnt know what to expect, was a bunch of us went, what are your views on this.

Horrific, rediculous story!
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Boys with feminine looks
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Are there on this site more men, who have problems with feminine looking boys? My boyfriend is often arguing about my looks. Kissing and masturbating each other is ok for him, but he doesn't want intercourse with me.

Name of video
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Does anyone know the name of the flash video ad that plays on the right side of a video, where the guy takes the huge blk dildo in his arse at the video store. Ik it takes u to the bait bus site but that cant be it, because from what i remember those vids r only shot in a van. Thanks again for any help

fat cocks
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do you prefer thick fat cocks that feel you up or regular size

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well everyone i meet seems really cool I have made a really good freind on here whos super cool n really awsome. I guess idk what to say on here but if ya wanna know anything or chat jis messege me or whatever.

Cheesy Horror Films
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So, I am strolling through Walmart as I tend to do from time to time (it's a great people watching venue) and what do I come across? Two DVDs with a collection of cheesy horror films! Oh Walmart, finally, an entity that understands me. I received a wholesome bounty of the nine Puppet Master films, the Killjoy trilogy, the Demonic Toys trilogy, and the Gingerdead Man trilogy. I am slowly making my way through Puppet Master, I will be on part 3 tonight. Does anyone else enjoy poorly made horror films? Honestly, it's the only reason I watch Scifi channel.

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any plans for this year guys, or you just having a wonderful time at home.
Do you like sun or walking or hiking or laying at the pool soaking up the suns rays or eyeing up the eye candy or going to europe or getting rid of pesky wabbits, lol

it's 8:09 on the west coast, you guys know me for the most part by now....but these guys are just finding this community and getting trashed like that...not cool!!!!

Name of video
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Does anyone know the name of the flash video ad that plays on the right side of a video, where the guy takes the huge blk dildo in his arse at the video store.. thanks 4 ur help.

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Ok guys. I'm from Virginia and ive had such a difficult time with bfs and stuff. No one actually wants to date but maybe a momth
I'm looking for a guy who is as loving as I am and wont screw anyone over. No lower than 14 no higher than 19. I'm young. Cheack out my profile. If ur interested or know someone that might be hmu please. I'm tired of being alone...

How can I get together with another teenager?
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I live in England and i know that coming out would ruin my life, down to a load of things... but i really want to find a boyfriend or partner or whatever, have you guys got any suggestions or similar experiences?

Views: 247 · Added: 377 days ago

just watching a program on disco on tv just now, did any of you guys live through or remember it, some of it sounds ok

Views: 133 · Added: 377 days ago

Who here likes getting dominated or would like to try ;).
Send your skype.

first love
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I was eight and it was a lovely warm summer day...brown hair, brown eyes, very tan, barefoot, cute little boy short-shorts with elastic waist, and a yellow t-shirt. Danny came to stay with his grandparents next door, 13 years old, wrestler's build, slim hips, wide shoulders, kind of a short guy, but I thought he was super. I went over to see him right away and he said, "Come on and I'll show you my fort." It was in the middle of a stand of bamboo, and we had to crawl in to get to the center. We sat cross legged facing each other. "Can I touch you?" he said. "Sure," I said. I didn't know what he meant, but if he wanted to touch me that was great with me. He put his hand on my leg, then moved it up and inside the leg of my shorts. He stopped with his fingers on my balls. My body was laughing all over. I wiggled around. "You like it?" he said. "Oh yes," I said. I looked at his crotch and the front of his cut off jeans were sticking up like a tent. My little dick was stiff and I touched it and pressed on it with my hand.
"Come on," he said, "Let's go into the basement. Nobody is home here." We crawled out and went to the basement, he picked me up and set my on the work bench. Danny slid my short and underwear off and my hard dick was waving around moving to my heartbeat. He leaned forward and put his mouth around my dick and my heart raced. "Oh, that feels real good Danny." He ran his hands over my legs, up my hips. "I want to touch yours too," I said. "Come on," he lifted me down from the bench. "Over here." He pulled an old quilt off the shelf and lay it out on the floor behind the furnace. Danny took off all his clothes and lifted off my t-shirt. He pulled me over and pressed his body to mine, his hard dick against mine, he had to squat down to make them match up. His was big, biggest I'd ever seen. Must have been six inches. He had hair above it, just a patch, and none on his balls. We lie on the quilt and he sucked me until I swooned. He said I came, but I didn't know what that meant yet. I sucked on his, it felt so hot, silky but hard too. He began to pant real fast while i worked on the head, then he pushed my head away and shot cum onto his belly. I lie on top of him and we slid around on his cum, our dicks touching. I loved him. We did it every chance we got for two weeks. When we were dry fucking under the porch steps I kissed him on the cheek. "Don't do that, that's queer," He said. From that day on I knew I was queer, but I didn't mind.


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