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gbt Friends
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I have been on gbt for a while but never participated. I requested as many friends as I could get in a two day period. It wasn't a contest. Just wanted to see who would embrace me. I now have 30 friends and hope they keep coming. Hugs to all of you. Luv ya.

Should I?
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I'm thinking that I need to contribute to this site! Was thinking of posting an album of myself naked, what do you guys think? I know i don't have an avatar but I'm Asian, thai/french to be exact, 5'7", 128 lbs, twinkish and very lean build. Let me know what you guys think, thanks :)

Hope everyone has a good weekend
Views: 82 · Added: 326 days ago

Hope everyone has a good weekend

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I don't know why i feels very lonely even though i have my family but m very lonely .i want a person who wants 2 hug me , kiss me n cares about me n in short i'm longing 4 a lovely hug n i'm so unlucky that i don't get such kind of loves.i have few frends here but they r not like me ;-( .lastly, thank u GBT friends 4 ur wonderful friendship,n that's all i can say.Adios amigos:-)

love and languages
Views: 86 · Added: 326 days ago

does love sound more romantic when said in french or with a latin feel

Views: 85 · Added: 327 days ago

can`t post profile pic

Chris, don't be mad at me..
Views: 78 · Added: 327 days ago

Look at what my best friend in the whole world did..


In paris, there's a bridge across the river Senne between the Louve and the Eiffel Tower where people put pad locks on a chain linked fence to symbolize love and friendship. Chris put this on there for our friendship.

He is one of the most amazing human being in the world. I could go on for hours about how wonderful he is..

Selfsucker ,Selbstlutscher
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all selfsucker has it became from good (atheist say from Nature)?
all selfsucker must trainee and sports to learn this?
some selfsucker has it became from good or nature,the other must be training !?
alle Selbstlutscher haben es von der Natur oder von Gott bekommen?
alle Selbstlutscher müssen dafür trainieren und es als Sport betreiben?
einige Selbstlutscher haben es mitbekommen und andere müssen dafür trainieren?!

Welche Aussage zur Frage haltet Ihr für richtig oder am wahrscheinlichsten?
What is wrong or right for you and nearly to rearly?

wishing peace for everyone
Views: 151 · Added: 327 days ago

wishing peace and health for everyone

Dick size
Views: 424 · Added: 327 days ago

I have been wanting a bigger dick since i was 15. I realized or came to the thought that I was small in that area. Im not saying I want a monster dick but maybe 6-6.5 inches. Preferably 6. I am 5.5 inches. Is that small?

Meditation……this meditation is used to reduce your stress level…it works..meditate before eating ..your digestion will slow down or stop…meditate for 15-25 minutes twice a day for best results…you may fall asleep while doing it..have a kitchen timer set for you to know when to come out or wake you up..don’t have things cooking on tv/radio….sit in a comfortable chair/sofa…close your eyes…relax for half minute or so..introduce the mantra…SCHRING…it is a sound..not a say it but hear it…slowly repeat it…maybe on exhale..hear is a sound…you will have thoughts come in…when you realize it ..simply reintroduce the sound..(this is the heart of doin it correctly) the sound may change it is normal..your body will go asleep..your mind awake..have a clock/watch to peek at when you think time to stop..TO STOP…simply stop the mantra…take a minute or so the slowly wake up your body..done..ideally do it before leaving in morning and before eating…..also evening before you eat…IT IS DEEP REST FOR DYNAMIC ACTIVITY….please try it…I will answer any question you have..thanks..mike

An Age Old Question
Views: 4850 · Added: 327 days ago

Boxers or Briefs?

Cannot Upload Videos
Views: 110 · Added: 328 days ago

Can somebody please help?
I can't upload a video, it looked successful at first, but it never appeared in the website.

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Views: 511 · Added: 328 days ago

Depressed and anxious and don't know what to do

Wish my chest had no hair
Views: 273 · Added: 328 days ago

I have a nice smooth body for most of the part. But am pissed off that I get some hair on my chest! Wish it would go away. I love chests with no hair, thats a big turn on. I bought a Phillips Body Groomer just to shave away those unwanted hairs on my chest. Wish I didn't have to do it. I guess it must be genetic! LOL
Anyone else feel the same way?

gbt new
Views: 272 · Added: 329 days ago

Was trying to see how many friends I could get in two days. Started out with none and today I have sex, sorry six. Thanks to those who are now on my friends list. Your great.

I've just witnessed my Prime Minister give the best answer ever to someone so religiously homophobic, it gave me goose bumps. And the way the studio audience applauded the PM's answer really made me proud to be Australian.
If you get to watch a replay of it ( Q and A, ) or on ,It deserves to go viral. Let us know what you think.

Well, I distinguish between acquaintance: Volatile, mostly superficial, not intense and sporadic contact.
Next stage is the friendship: Intense, spiritually intimate contact, a mutual basis of trust.
The partnership includes the characteristics of a friendship and also goes far beyond that total opening of their own deepest thoughts and feelings is possible.

"... I'm open to everything ..."
Views: 66 · Added: 329 days ago

"I'm open to everything ..." Who knows the rule not!? In my opinion, who is open to all, can not be very close :-) So the current issue: you MUST be open at the present time for everything to even still be able to keep up? Are there any taboos? Waived or someone on a (F *** -) Date because he retains his principles?

Views: 828 · Added: 329 days ago

hi why is it that guys find it hard to take when a guy says he likes a friendship with a lad it dosent mean that he is only after his body i have had real good friends that was teens and we didnt do anything but they felt safe and felt great to to talk to an older guy who could answer their qustions. so what do pepole think is it wrong for older guys wanting to have a friendship with a young lad????? let me know.

introducing my bf
Views: 311 · Added: 329 days ago

we have been together for years and are committed to a lifetime together, yet i still struggle with how to introduce my bf. i have used bf, mate and maybe a few other terms, but we are past bf. we are not married. mate sounds weird. he is not just my friend, as his mother still introduces me as. any suggestions? we are 22 ans 21.

Views: 102 · Added: 329 days ago

I AM THE NICE PERSON TO Have IN TO IN Your LIFE IF You THINK I Can BE Nice I do in workout

Anyone from GA?
Views: 69 · Added: 329 days ago

Hey just looking to see if anyone else on here is from Georgia. I live north of Atlanta. Be nice to make some friends and have someone to talk to.

New Uploads Soon!!! <3
Views: 104 · Added: 329 days ago

Sorry For My Absence In The Upload Buisness Just Haven't Felt Like It :/

Views: 235 · Added: 329 days ago

how is you

national orgasm day
Views: 328 · Added: 330 days ago

yes today is the day! either with a partner, by yourself or by machine, today you must celebrate your male roots and enjoy a prolonged, sensational orgasm. do it often, do it with a friend, or if all else fails, do it with a girl. this ones for you. squirt hearty, squirt well, squirt often!


attacked by 4 guys
Views: 1981 · Added: 330 days ago

Just to let you know guys Mark was attacked tonight in London. Me and Paul and Mark and his friend Ryan met up then we went our separate ways, we stayed in G A Y and they both went to Heaven. Outside when they walked back to the station they were attacked by a gang of young lads and Ryan ran off leaving Mark on the floor. He was kicked about by 4 guys and he has a broken jaw, a fractured rib and lots of bruising. we have just come back from the hospital where he is staying. I wish we never left him with Ryan. He just ran off and left Mark all alone. He better not come anyway near Mark again after this. What kind of person would just run off leaving his friend? we so feel responsible now for leaving Mark with a stranger. Just thought you guys should know. will update you soon :) xx

Fan of music in videos?
Views: 273 · Added: 331 days ago

I honestly hate to hear music in videos. I wanna hear the sounds the lovers make and i just hate it when they have music in the background ;/ Anyone else agree or disagree?

hope everyone is having a good day/night
Views: 99 · Added: 331 days ago

hope everyone is having a good day/night and is finding happiness

Views: 225 · Added: 331 days ago

so what kind of topics do guy like to participate in on the forum? lets see, were all gay, here to see male porn, nude pics, is is strictly sex related, because no one seems to comment or real life issues.

pepol dont now
Views: 248 · Added: 331 days ago

how it fells to be gay u have to go to school and aced like your not gay but I junda the gay laza by cloub and people how have girl junda

Os LGBT's e a luta pelo seus direitos no Brasil
Views: 79 · Added: 331 days ago

Aqui no Brasil, os LGBT's (lésbicas, gays, bissexuais e transsexuais) estão lutando pelos seus direitos. Infelizmente, somos uma nação que mais mata por homofobia no mundo. Temos políticos conservadores que só atrapalham e denigrem a imagem do movimento LGBT.

How is everyone ?
Views: 80 · Added: 332 days ago

how is everyone doing?

Urgent, with stephmom
Views: 74 · Added: 332 days ago

When I need it, my stephmom helps me with my sperm come out.

Has this happened to you?
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