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I would have to say my favourite is
I love how the boys have clearly never done this before and their cute expressions when they touch each other turns me on.

mmm the boy-friends dream
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Model group

...and I wanna suck his cock...
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What about cum shot contests?
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What about cum shot contests?

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this weekend i'm reminded of the great scent of a man. i would say every guy has a scent all his own. there is a difference between scent and smell. scent is the magic aroma that yu know is him, you could find him in a crowd of naked guys on a beach. it can be manly, sexy, arousing, kinda raw, whatever. i crave my guy's scent. all the time, but even more right out of the shower. it can be a huge turn on. licking and kissing have never been so fun!

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What kind of dick do you prefer: big or small? Circumcised or uncircumcised? Hairy or Smooth?

Or is it just me. I was at a well known beach for it not cruising but out for a walk and men would follow me and I'd get worried and frightened and in some areas they were whistling at you to come over and others old men just fucking in public. Is it not normal for me a gay guy who finds that weird disgusting and a turn off? Or am I ment to be into that sorry a thing cos I'm gay?

We miss you Toby
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sad cat

Bye Bye Dickheads...
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A homophobic rap group known as "Odd Future" has been denied entry into New Zealand . The California group's provocative lyrics include homophobic and misogynist lyrics...

It is about time someone stood up to these sorts of wankers and good on our Immigration department for refusing them entry into the Country.

Michael Pitt
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I wanna fuck him so bad!
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The Video's I am uploading wont work after the pause is pressed, does anyone know IF and/or WHAT I am doing wrong when I upload them?

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Golo Euler - Auftauchen
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Joseph K Bundschuh
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ma mere

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Douches Froides
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Lecciones Privadas
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Uploading new pics
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I'm triying to upload some new pics, I can upload them, but they never apear on the site.

Can somebody help mejQuery18205431449830880242_1392455747225

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sex-education for boys
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happy valentines
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like to wish all my close friends on here a very loving Valentines day, love and kisses, from your fun loving scott

Any one having problems with Secure download?
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Anyone having problems with faulty messages when trying to download?

WOW... Guy turned into Girl
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Young Boys friends give him a makeover... into a Girl...


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