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What is being creepy
Views: 216 · Added: 346 days ago

Often profiles mention "I like them as long as they are not creepy" What does "being creepy" mean for you?

relationship speed
Views: 246 · Added: 346 days ago

so my boyfriend and I just celebrated a month together!. this is great and I love cuddleing with him. However i am wondering when do i make a move. we have made out and have felt eachother up above the waist. I asked him how far he is comfortable taking our relationship and he said he would rather not say. I am up to any suggestions.

i am new
Views: 229 · Added: 347 days ago

how are you guys doing, justed wanted to say hi

Views: 119 · Added: 347 days ago

just like to open my heart to all you guys, let you feel the warmth, especially to those guys that are going through or have been through a rough time

Hey I'm New Here :) So Whats The Dealio? xx
Views: 133 · Added: 347 days ago

Hey I'm New Here :) So Whats The Dealio? Feel free to send me a friend request...I don't bite xx

Views: 122 · Added: 347 days ago

seriously, i really love this game. it's so much fun, lol, like a lottery and i still hope to win the jackpot someday. i started to upload a few times one video, that was important for me, but it never appears. hmmm, ok i said to myself and tried it with a bundle of videos, and yes, i won. not the first prize, but some videos were posted. naturally not the one i wanted to see , lol, but half of the bundle and meanwhile another one uploaded it and took my jackpot, damn. hmmm, nice try, ok now all or nothing i uploaded ten videos, sitting in my bed, waiting, praying and hoping and ... yes, the first one appears, hahaha, still waiting for the second one i fall asleep ... and then, the next morning, starting my computer, looking for gbt, my wall and ......... nothing! aaarrrrrghhhhh!!!! but i never give up, lol, the jackpot is mine! ... one day

Views: 218 · Added: 347 days ago

better to love and not hate, and hate not too love, dont you think guys

Views: 135 · Added: 347 days ago

who enjoys a good bit of banter, whether it be about your love, or your neighbour,or your friend, or your lover, or just the world, or just a good craic

need help
Views: 54 · Added: 347 days ago

I have gotten a music player on my page but am baffled how to get a cool layout on it just the code shows up can anyone help me out

Young guys?
Views: 136 · Added: 348 days ago

We are a gaay couple living in Thailand looking for a guy to be a 3 some, maybe a gay son.

We can offer you all you need in return for LOVE and fun

Views: 118 · Added: 349 days ago

was looking at pics and wondered why some guys nipples are flat and other guys stick out rock hard. my nipples are super sensitive and go from flat to hard. i know some guys whose nipples never go flat and it looks weird in he locker room or the pool. so do you have sensitive nipples? hard all the time?

18? no prob ;))
Views: 1538 · Added: 349 days ago

Andy's 500 Days
Views: 229 · Added: 349 days ago

Andy (nate88) will be 500 days old in a few hours, so I decided to make this blog to thank him for his friendship, love and support to me and to many other members, each and every one of these 500 days. All that is left, is to open a bottle of good red wine and make a toast to the next 500 days.....

Ya know this talentless air head named Britney Spears? The chick who got famous for being slutty in music videos?The chick who kissed Madonna for attention?

Well she claims her favorite author was this redneck scumbag named Max Lucado who compares being gay to raping children or incest. Wow. Can't we just burn these people already? Do we really gotta put up with this? I mean we might as well just save everyone a lot of grief and ya know 'close the show' on certian people. Not saying anything else but you get the idea.

Hey everyone!
Views: 447 · Added: 349 days ago

Hey guys... thanks for all the emails!...sorry, its hard to keep up :)

Here is something to think about... 10 reasons why girls bore

1. guys are cooler and we can do stupid shit together and nobody cares
2. guys will not drag ya to all their friends weddings
3. girls have two with makeup and one without... i want to know i am getting up with same person i went to be with
4. guys can't fake orgasms
5. guy scent can't be purchased in a bottle
6. girls are amateurs in giving head
7. girls don't have happy trails
8. just can't bring my self to ream a chick
9. guys can piss anywhere
10. guys have dicks... lol

Have any more to add...mmmmh?

Ronnie Barker
Views: 202 · Added: 349 days ago

I think Ronnie Barker was the greatest comedian in history; every single thing he ever did from The Two Ronnies to Porridge to Open All Hours was hilarious.

He also made the very wise decision to retire at the top of his fame and success.

Upload Photo's
Views: 87 · Added: 350 days ago

How can I upload photo's to my page?

Views: 186 · Added: 350 days ago

Views: 166 · Added: 350 days ago

this video sums up my most recent sexual fantasy

Cream filled melon
Views: 78 · Added: 350 days ago

Has anyone ever tried what is shown in this vid? I have, and it feels really good.

Great pages
Views: 96 · Added: 350 days ago,3238,4,1,0 Hot Boys at Play

Views: 171 · Added: 350 days ago

i know visuals are hawt to watch, but me, i want it all in my mouth. if by chance i do miss some, or it dribbles out the sides of my mouth, i lick it up, i've never had a gusher, but i would try it once. who really wants it in the eyes and up their nose? it burns like hell! hi, my name is jase, and i'm a cocksucker. and i'm damm good at what i do!

Two hottest guys in gym
Views: 99 · Added: 350 days ago

I went to YMCA for workout everyday. The first hot guy I saw was in the change room, got nude and changed his clothes. I stared at his ass. Oh, boy, it was so amazing! He gave me a big boner! Oh, my God! His locker is right across from mine. I'm too afraid to approach him because I don't want he to reject me after he finds out that I like him. The second hot guy I saw was in the fitness room, he seem has been stared at me, but I'm not sure if he's stared me in the first place. He's the skinniest guy. He usually wears tight clothes. I finally tried to wave at him last night, but he gave me a little wave like stranger-to-stranger, not friend-to-friend. Know what I mean? I need your advice. What should I do and how can I get to them? I'm too afraid and nervous. LOL. :P

I'm Back Again....
Views: 95 · Added: 351 days ago

After 5 Months I Have Returned I Shall Continue With My Onslaught Of Uploads So Keep A Look Out For My New Shit!!!

Views: 68 · Added: 351 days ago

Wow!! That was really good feedback from you! Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate! I will post a video of me when I'm ready. :)

Your opinion
Views: 158 · Added: 351 days ago

I ask you for your opinion. Do you think I should post a video of me and my cock? I'm just curious because I've never done like that before.

Views: 83 · Added: 352 days ago

Hey hot guys, I'm so horny!!! Please add gbt2cam2 on skype! Come on!! You must be 18-24 years old. Thanks!

monday thoughts
Views: 154 · Added: 352 days ago

i'll close with this question today. when and how did you get turned on to porn? str8 or gay? how easy was it? ever get caught with it on the computer?

cut or uncut
Views: 810 · Added: 352 days ago

when i was a teen i saw my first uncut cock on the internet. i found it odd, fascinating, but kinda ugly and distorted. no offense guys ok...i had a complete change of heart around 19 and when i went to college. i saw a couple uncut guys in the locker room. i was never more amazed at the beauty of a penis in its natural state...and i dont mean soft. an uncut cock is how God created man, a natural penis with a covering. i now have a preference for the look of an uncut penis. my partner an di are both cut, but i will never look at a man's cock the same. they are all beautiful. most of my favs are uncut if you want to check them out.

Views: 114 · Added: 352 days ago

Hi all its sunday, I know i am on late. Have to work today and I hope eveyone has an awesome day and enjoy the day before your work week begins. Love you all and have a safe day!

size and preferences
Views: 648 · Added: 353 days ago

for you what is the ideal size to suck? How do you like the penise that you suck?

thanks for your comments
Views: 88 · Added: 353 days ago

Hey guys

I just noticed all your nice comments on my profile. Thanks so much for that :)

Stay tuned. I will post some new pics soon.

I like to wank it wank it!
Views: 495 · Added: 353 days ago

What room do you seem to wank off the most in?

hey all
Views: 169 · Added: 353 days ago

Just sitting around and just relaxing today. I hope that everyone has an awesome saturday! I am planning on pigging out and watching some shows i needed to catch up on while sipping on hot chocolate. Again guy, have an awesome saturday!

Would You Lose Faith in Doctors
Views: 401 · Added: 353 days ago

I need your views guys. You are my only family I have. I am a 42 yr old doctor in closet. I am tired of living a dual life. This place is like a friendly pub where I meet lively people and talk and communicate and try to help as much as I can. I want to just be a gay person here. I have few ecentricites, few kinks, personal preferences, personal biases (all within the remits of law) etc. I want to live like a human being who is not perfect but is reasonable and certainly not a saint. I seek your opinion that if in my replies to blogs, I say what my heart says even thought it is "politically incorrect" would your opinion about doctors change. Would it affect your trust in doctor patient relationship. I do have other profile here.


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