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Sorry I havent responded to anyone. I was back in the hospital. I had an infection on my stump and the doctors ended up wacking off another 3 inches of what used to be my leg. They said if they didnt I would have died of blood poisioning. I should have not told them about it. Feels like they are taking me an inch at a time

Love pegging
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Are there more guys who have good experience with pegging? Love to hear.

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hello this is my twitter @christianjsearz

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Does anyone know someone from the houston area intrested in sex?

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Nervous about getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow. Worried something will go wrong.

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like to share my love with all my friends, and those that are going or have been through a rough time, its all about sharing, so BIG hugs and kisses from me to all of you where ever you are in the world

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does a piece of music make you remember things like a first kiss,or when you met someone,or when you fell in love, or do you agree when you become friends, or hang out with them you start to enjoy what they listen to and vice versa

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does the way you design or decorate your apartment, say a lot about you. or do you just do it because you like the color scheme, in the middle of picking what to do to my apartment

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I can not publish my photos, it gets really frustrating, all the other sites no problem, it is with me that there is a concern?

what's your fantasy?
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I like the idea of a young lads orgy full of pretty boys.

Crazy Story...
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I have a crazy story that I just have to tell about the other night, when I went to my first gay bar!

So I live on the Grand Valley State campus in downtown Grand Rapids (not the one in Allendale where they swing on pendulums like morons). Right now in Grand Rapids, the have an art event called ArtPrize, so me and 3 of my straight friends from the campus apartments went to look at the art scattered across GR. As we were looking at one piece, a hobo came up to us and asked us for money. To avoid him, we ducked into the closest bar, and after getting a couple beers, we realized it was a gay bar called The Apartment! It was a very nice bar, nothing like expected, but I had a great time, especially being the only gay one in our group (lol!). I had a Labatt and talked with this cute guy who looked like Adam Lambert.

Needless to say, I'm going back!

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Thank you for messaging me. it means a lot to me because it keeps me busy. i hope to meet more people here. :)

Hey there!
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Hellooo! I am bored and horny :C

Your day
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How was your day? I just want to say that I hope you have a wonderful day! It is totally ok to have a bad day. Just post anything you want to. :)

Hi im cody
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I'm new to this place and I wanted to say hello, I don't have any friends on here yet but I'm glad I found this site it makes me feel normal and happier, well thanks!

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hay any body in so calif

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Webcam sex? MSN:

Terms and conditions
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I hope the webmaster reads this. The link to 'Terms and Conditions' is dead. Still, we are supposed to know and subscribe them. I guess you should do something about that!

can anyone help me find a certain movie?
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I've been trying to find the movie twinklight free can anyone help?

Search the name
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Hi all,
is there anyone can tell me
from wich movie the Szene " Homeworks" be. ?

Sorry for my bad english and hope that evryone knows me. :-)

Two sergeants drilling shampoo guy (PICS)
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Shampoo guy Kas (19) is forced to clean sergeant's boots with tears of own shirts, boots kiss, dancing and singing, some hits, exercising, nettle, finaly was bound and gagged to the power pole - it's theme of our last dom / sub action I sending pics from (attached OR on image links below also):

Enjoy ...

Like the question says: do you like young guys, and how young?

Message me
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I would love you to message me sometimes and start some topics if you can. :)

What's wrong with this site?
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Uploaded videos and photos are not published on the site, without any comment.
Friends are added to the friend's list without receiving the relevant friend request.
Anyone has the same or similar experience?

your opinion
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what do others think of this site only problem i have is doubles of videos let me know how hot this site makes you thanks

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i've never been one to like clear, slimy cum. i see it sometimes in vids. for me, i prefer the white stuff...thick and edible. no offense to anyone with clear, slimy cum :)

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hi, i saw a video of a boy named lucas, from a site named alexboys, i was wondering if anyone knew if theres any videos of him on here, or other free sites

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any body bin a sleep and work up and some body was jacking you off and you came

Condom size
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HI All,

I'm not trying to be funny, but maybe it is ;-) . I am trying to find a brand of condoms that fit me. My penis is maybe a little small about 5" and just a little slender. I am looking for condoms that fit my size. If anyone knows please leave a msg. I am fully grown so that is all its ever going to be. This may be a problem for other guys too.


My horny and sexy dream
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I had a dream a few days ago, there are a few things you need to know about me:
I'm a 15yo bisexual Dutch boy and I play soccer.

This was my dream:

I was in my garden with only two of my soccer friends, I know only one boy who was there because the other wasn't important.
In the middle of my garden there is a round like a traffic circle and 4 byways you can go into, the other things are plants, well I was at one byway and one of my friends (he's small, cute and not gay/bi I'll call him 'R' now) was against me. I liked him so much, so the other friend disappeared ( :D ) and I got abrubtly naked and got a smoked sausage (google if you don't know what is is) in my hand. He was not naked, so to make hom horny I sucked the sausage and made my cock a little bit hard. When I came to him I put my cock between his legs and made it harder to make him more horny. He screamed "No!" And I pulled his T-shirt off and he didn't wear a undershirt (google) and then his pants but not his underwear, I got closer to him and kissed him romantically. He wasn't really scared any more and he started to like it, I feeled his cock getting harder (he's small but he has a big cock for his size). When I felt that his cock was pointing straight up to the air, I pulled his underwear off and pulled him on his knees, he started to suck my cock (I didn't experience it before but it felt normal: HOT). A few minutes later I pulled him back up and turned him around so he could lean at our statue, I didn't put a condom but it was my first time having sex (it's a dream). And I pulled my cock into his tight and hot ass and started to fucking bareback. I didn't stop until I had a orgasm but I didn't stop after having the orgasm, I kept going! He screamed "No, stop! I can feel you squirting in my ass and it hurts!" But I didn't listen to him, after a few seconds my sperm was empty but in 2 minutes there was the second orgasm. Then I stopped and pulled my cock out of his ass. I said "Come, let's get inside the house an go upstairs to my bedroom and lock my room so we can continue when my parents are coming home, so we went upstairs. When we came in my room, I pulled my condom off and locked the door and got lay on the floor, it was the afternoon so I closed my curtains so nobody could see us. I was laying on my back and he came up me and we did 69 (sexposition), I licked sucked his big cock (small boy) and he licked my ass. Then he had a orgasm straight into my mouth, it was the most delicious flavour I had ever tasted. After a while we were laying on our backs next to each other and jerked of each other, I had as first my orgasm because I had (of course) the biggest cock. I cummed on his body and a few seconds later he cummend on my body. After a while, we did our clothes on and got downstairs.

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RIP to all the victims of today's shooting at the Washington Naval Yard. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

- Pakistan
In Pakistan same-sex sexual activity has been illegal since 1860. The laws are applied differently depending on what of region of the country you’re in with some areas carrying sentences of 2 – 10 years. Homosexuality is widely viewed with hatred and disdain in Pakistan with no expectation of change happening in the near future. Interestingly, Pakistan in among the biggest searches for for gay porn and is said to have a large underground gay community.

- Uganda
Both male and female homosexuality are illegal in Uganda with little to no legal protections existing for the LGBT community. A male convicted of same-sex activity can face up to life behind bars while a woman can face up to seven years. The laws against homosexuality in Uganda are already some of the harshest in the region but MP David Bahati has sought to imposed a death penalty for some people convicted for homosexuality. Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament, Rebecca Kadager promised to enact the laws as a Christmas gift to the Ugandan people because the vast majority of the population demanded homosexuality to be punished.

- Bangladesh
People convicted of same-sex activity in Bangladesh can receive fines and up to in prison to life imprisonment. LGB people are subject to abuse and discrimination in society is prevalent. Transgender people are however allowed to vote and have been able to since 2008 but social stigma is still an issue for the community.

- Brunei
Male same-sex activity is illegal in Brunei with those convicted facing up to 10 years in prison. There are no laws against female homosexuality.

- Malaysia
The Government of Malaysia has retained the colonial laws criminalising homosexuality although they are rarely enforced. If a person is convicted of same-sex sexual activity they can face up to 20 years in prison, fines and whippings.

- Seychelles
Men convicted of same-sex sexual activity can face up to 14 years in prison. Female homosexuality is not illegal in the Seychelles but the usual social stigmas still apply.

- Sri Lanka
Homosexual activity is illegal in Sri Lanka but since no one has ever been convicted under the law.

- Botswana
Same-sex activity is illegal in Bostwana and carries a sentence of up to 7 years in prison.

- Cameroon
Same sex sexual activity is illegal in Cameroon with those convicted facing up to 5 years in prison. In 2011 two men were arrested on suspicion of homosexuality based entirely on the way they dressed and spoke.

The Gambia
Gay sex is illegal in The Gambia and those convicted can face up to 14 years in prison. The Gambia came under the spotlight earlier this year when a lesbian asylum seeker faced deportation from the UK to the country where she feared she would be persecuted for being gay. The President of The Gambia last year attacked foreign countries who he claimed were trying to use aid as a means to bribe countries into accepting homosexuality. David Cameron said that countries that persecuted LGBT could face cuts in aid.

- Ghana
Same-sex sexual activity between men is illegal in Ghana with those found guilty facing up to 3 years in prison. A newspaper in the country made a claim last year that over 82% of the population abhorred homosexuality.

click on link to see more

sweet boys
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Very frustrated about not being able to put a profile picture up

Coming out
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I'm a Dutch 14yo bisexual and I want to have a idea of coming out for bisexuality so I ask you to give a small story of your experience.

So can a few people give a comment on these questions please?

Are you gay/straight/bisexual?
How old are you now?
What was your age when you came out?
An exactly time. Like: my birthday/dinner/etc.
How did you say you were gay/bixexual?
How did your family/friends react when you told them?

I hope that at least 10 people give a comment, so I have a thought of how other boys came out for their gay-/bisexuality,


Wich one are more gay friendly ?
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Americans or Europeans, which one are more gay friendly, open minded & got a sense of hospitality ?


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